Monday, May 7, 2012

Cute White Wedding Shoes

Tips when Buying White Wedding Shoes

One of important moments in people’s life is wedding. A wedding gown and wedding shoes are two important things purchased by the brides for their special moment. Purchasing and selecting a wedding gown is easy but buying a pair of matching wedding shoes particularly if you are searching for white wedding shoes can be a little bit difficult. The reason is that white wedding shoes are not common to use for formal wear. Hence, people in markets do not prefer keeping them. And finding a pair of white wedding shoes can be a hectic task.

White Wedding Shoes – Marriage is the most important day of life. Brides typically buy many things for the wedding and the most important purchase a wedding dress with matching shoes. Buying and choosing a wedding dress is very easy, but buying shoes to match, especially if you are looking for a white wedding shoes are horrible.

The issue is if perhaps you already bought shoes to get a long costume and the shoes don’t coordinate the short dress.
You can find various kinds of white wedding shoes for short clothes versus long dresses. Do not make the mistake of wearing the same shoes with two various fashion attire.
Also designer shoes that are comfortable.

Baby Blue Wedding Shoes

Beautiful shoes!  I bought to wear for my wedding in Sept 2010, but they don't quite match my dress. Much sought after Grazia "Valentine" Ivory color heels. Size 7. They are still in the box. Comes with baby blue dust bag. (The color matches the inside of the shoes.)
These shoes are much more stunning in person.

Stunning baby blue wedding shoes with layers of vintage and antique lace over pale blue satin and sprinkled with Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.
As these shoes are custom made, the design can be adjusted according to your specifications. If you have a particular item you would like encorporating into your design, i.e. a piece of lace from your mothers wedding gown or a button from your father's christening outfit, this can be done to make your shoes all the more special and unique to you.

Something old...something new...something borrowed...something is the perfect something blue for fact, it can also be your something old and something new as well as these are made using vintage and new materials. You can even send me something personal of your own for me to incorporate into the design for you.

I use lots of very old, antique and vintage lace, some dating to the victorian era and most being hand-made as well as some new lace and trims. I source the best quality satins and other fabrics for your shoes. I use Swarovski crystals to add sparkle and often add a crystal brooch to the toes of the shoes.