Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Sweety Addict Wedding Dress With Theme Hello Kitty

When my wife and I got married, her Hello Kitty fanaticism had yet to kick in, and not having a Hello Kitty wedding is something that she feels is missing from her life

A second wedding with the full Hello Kitty theme is at the top of my wife’s wish list for our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary. It would include such horrifying things as the Hello Kitty tuxedo, Hello Kitty horse drawn carriage, Hello Kitty wedding cake, Hello Kitty wedding rings and ultimately end with us receiving a Hello Kitty wedding certificate.

  I will have to hear about the concrete plans for my own Hello Kitty wedding. I make every attempt not to write anything about Hello Kitty wedding related stuff because it inevitable leads to trouble. 

In fact you will admit that the Hello Kitty wedding dress both scary and sweet, sort of like marrying style Baby Spice and Scary Spice to frilliest level imaginable

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