Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 Ideas To Reduce Wedding Costs

Want to know how to save on wedding costs? Here are 10 surefire idea to limit the budget of your wedding expenses.
1. Building a cheap leaseUsing the building at an economical price will help you save on the budget. After all, the goal remains the same even if held in the building five-star or at the gym.
2. Limit the invitation of the presentDo not invite too many guests are very helpful in saving. The number of guests will determine the budget catering, wedding invitations and wedding souvenirs to be prepared.
3. Create a simple invitationWhy waste too much money for a wedding invitation card. Did not the invitation card as proof of notification was made just a time and place of event wedding reception?

4. Wedding serving typical dishes IndonesiaAvoid foods Europeans, Chinese, or Japanese, Indonesian food is equally interesting. In addition to cheap, also have a sense that the most acceptable average tongue Indonesia.
5. One type of documentationWedding photography or video, to save costs, you can choose one of them.

6. All in one packageWedding ceremony and reception held at the same time and place.
7. Enough to support decorationsDecorating is not the main essence of a wedding reception, so avoid spending too much on this post.

8. Rent a wedding dressNot have to buy a wedding dress. Hire a wedding dress is quite a lot and the clothing is quite elegant, luxurious and attractive. You can customize the outfit hired by the wedding decorations are made.
9. Souvenir taste.Prepare a wedding invitation that half of the amount distributed. Because the guests in attendance are usually half the number of invitations distributed.

10. Prioritizing is important.Perform priority. Like, dish wedding reception venues and wedding invitations are the main headings that must be met before thinking of other items that are added, such as decorations, wedding dress or wedding gift.
Thus, some ideas to cut budgetary spending for wedding invitations, wedding souvenirs, wedding meals, decorations, rental buildings and so forth. May be useful!

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