Thursday, July 19, 2012

German Wedding Traditions

German nation is a nation that was willing to work hard, realistic thinking, critical look at practical issues and people who do not like to brag, these advantages are also reflected vividly of their marriage customs.

Proposed marriage to her lover-youth carried the White Oak tree
In choosing a German partner has a unique way. For example, in Bonn, when the youth put his heart on a girl, on April 30 or May 1 put the White Oak tree in front of her house. If the girl feels attracted to him, he would put it in her living room.
The youth after informed, immediately presented a diamond ring, the girl received the ring and tenderly kissed the youth, to express his gratitude and accept his love.
When both parties feel comfortable with each other and feel can not be separated from each other, they each presented a silver ring as a sign of engagement. During a wedding, both parties give each other a gold ring, signifying their love pure as gold for ever.
In the northwest city of Berlin there is a small town called Hirschberg, because the entire population menggandrungi chess competitions, dubbed as the "City Chess". In these places, for those who are good at playing chess, a highly respected person. The young man if you get a sense of love of a girl, they are diligently trying to learn the art of chess with the hope of getting the attention of the girl.
If a youth was about to express love to someone, then sent a letter to the girl, hoping to be given the opportunity to play chess with her father. If the girl reacted positively to the young man, disepakatilah time for the youth to come to his house.
At the time of the youth to compete with future in-laws, the girl with her whole family in to watch from the side. The youth spend all their skills and tactics to deal with a serious future in-laws. After several fights, eventually winning the youth, the future in-laws in addition to not upset, even congratulated. Then the youth will receive preferential treatment from the whole family, love affairs were thus also managed successfully.

Find a mate, stay 40 days in the hotel-singles come together hold a meeting

Fuhr on the island, there is a hotel with luxurious facilities, especially for young single people, there are facilities with the aim of providing opportunities for those who are shy meeting open mouth, people who enroll in the hotel are required to have a personality requirements honest, kind and sincere and still single, time to stay a maximum of 40 days.

In that time, the clerk uses a variety of opportunities for young people can meet and get acquainted. Users can also hotel by telephone in the room expressed his love for the stranger, to avoid being rejected when face to face situations convey the feeling of love.

Many people stay at the hotel, managed to reach the goal of obtaining a soul mate.

The girl made a video klips mate
Choosing a partner through video very popular with German girls. Partly due to various causes her difficulty finding a mate, then they cost to make a video klips mate.
Under the careful direction of director and cameraman, the excess of the girl in terms of cooking, sewing, where he lived, face and body shape as well as life skills displayed on the screen.
Although a girl who is mediocre, at the top of the screen can be turned into a beautiful and fun girl. As for what her shortcomings, her husband only the most obvious, of course, after getting married.Solve the plate and pan, discard the old meet the new
On certain regions in Germany, until now still inherit a certain ancient wedding ritual customs, suppose an example in Bonn is still a trend that is ritual before marriage Bude Abend who slammed the bucket and break the plate.
Similar to the situation in other European countries, mostly German youth in the church and establish a ritual wedding feast in the house hold. Male party closing costs for the event at the church, a list of wedding guests most of the participants is determined by the parents of the bride.
However, in most situations, parents are the bride-laws always negotiate with them, half of each guest's name suggests, so can avoid the appearance of things is not fun at the party.
Weddings in general, a list of guests usually including both family members, friends on both sides of parents, the bride and groom's friends, largely determined by comparing the equivalent.
In the solemn atmosphere of the party, the groom dressed in neat clothes and join hands with the bride's white dress, under the escort of the clamp-female groom, wedding party entered the arena, the guests expressed congratulations to the newlyweds, the bride and groom to express my thanks to the audience one by one.
Suddenly, the sound of "Ting ting tang tang" broken dishes and the sound of rumbling dings bowl, but it's also endlessly, just like the sound of firecrackers during New Year's Eve Imleek. Apparently, following the local traditional customs, before the marriage official should carry out ritual discard the old (bad luck) - meet new ones.

The invitation to attend the party, everyone brings a wide assortment of bowls broken, cracked dishes, broken bottles and so forth. In the ritual, the people at the race and broke the bottle slammed dishes, one after another, the noise did not stop.

Objects brought rags and slammed the guests on the floor, the parents of the bride with a broken smile collect these objects and be swept into one put in an old suitcase and lit the fire in the middle of the page, the crowd surrounded him as he sings and dancing, cheering and jumping.

In the traditional conception of the Chinese, at the party, never breaking things, the traditional conception of the Germans actually reversed.

They consider the slamming and throwing it out loud, can help the bride and groom to remove anxiety of the past and welcome the beginning of a beautiful, in the long journey of life, the husband and wife can always maintain a warm romance, as long as life is not separated by white hair.

Even more interesting is, the newlyweds husband and wife may not enjoy the first night in peace, but rather to concentrate fully, with careful attention to the surroundings.

There's always some left and right neighbors who regularly solve a set of porcelain, the bride and groom after the hearing, as required by the immediate reaction is also an object breaking.

As if the other party breaks an object crockery is to congratulate them, then they also slammed a porcelain to show gratitude.

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