Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 Tips To Become a Special Reception Dishes

Are you going to hold a wedding reception in the near future? Usually the host this special event you want to bring something special as well, ranging from the reception venue, wedding decorations to wedding meal. Reception venue can be determined well before D-day. While for wedding decorations can be adapted to the place and theme of the event. For the dish, could choose something special.
In order to bring something special at a wedding reception, here are 4 tips that will be presented to a special reception dish:

1. Choose dishes that are durable and not easily spoiled. This is intended to keep your dish until the reception is complete. Presents a menu that will surely satisfy durable guests present at the reception. Wedding reception usually starts in the morning until late afternoon. These menu options ranging from rendang, beef jerky, fried dishes and grilled. Avoid creating a menu that is not durable in significant amounts. To mensiasatinya can use the menu or cooked vegetables of various kinds of curry a few times.

2. Place the dish in a special container. These containers vary, you can choose the container from the cane, or pottery. For the pottery, you can choose the light. But if it is difficult to get this kind of container can still use a container as usual. Both use a special container or containers used to, you can add a coat with a banana leaf. Banana leaves will give a distinctive aroma to the dish to be served. In addition, by using banana leaves will give the impression of an attractive decor.

3. Do not forget to give the name of the dish with something that smells of love. Such as Rendang or Jerky Love Romeo Juliet. By giving the name of the dish is presented, will provide a memory that made an impression on the guests in attendance of your wedding reception.
4. Last to bring something special to the dish reception, you can add a dessert with various forms of heart. Not be red or pink. Assorted cookie trays, you can be decorated with an attractive heart shape.

Ready to present a special meal at your reception? Welcome reception with a full run of happiness.

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