Thursday, July 19, 2012

Customary Marriage in Some Countries

Never seen a wedding ceremony in Bali? Definitely interesting. Yes, Bali does have the feel of an exotic nature and tradition. No wonder many couples want to get married in bali or implement the honeymoon in Bali. Customary marriage in bali very closely with Hindu religious traditions which is the largest religion in Bali. Wedding procession there has long stages and diverse. Bali wedding held at the groom's house with all costs, until a few days after the wedding before the bride escorted home to her parents to ask permission to stay with her husband. This is clearly different from the Javanese cultural wedding took place and funded by the female.
However, the tradition of marriage in Bali is just one of the many cultures of Indonesia which consists of so many tribes and culture areas. But almost all cultural areas in Indonesia have one thing in common, namely the close ties of kinship. So that marriage becomes a procession involving all the men in the kinship system of the bride. It would be different if we look at the tradition of marriage in Europe, eg in the State of Brazil. Wedding traditions in Brazil closely with the Catholic religion is the religion of the majority there. So the wedding procession included the church ceremony and reception. After the religious ceremony and reception, the bride and groom will dance in the middle of the room was witnessed by those present.
Another difference is the bride and groom couples in Brazil as the majority in other European countries, they seem very self-sufficient in preparing and deciding all matters relating to their marriage. They are free to choose the things they want to invent the law of marriage without being bound in kinship. The couple just needs to announce the bride and invite family and friends. Clothes worn on the wedding traditions of Europe is generally a dark suit or tuxedo for the groom and a long white dress for the bride.

Different again if you see the wedding traditions in Japan. In Japan, most marriages are based on the traditions of Shinto tradition. Done in a very private wedding, only certain people are present. With a couple dressed in traditional kimono wedding vows to each other to unite in marriage.Subsequently the two face each other and those who attended by turns drink sake as a sign that it has established a bond of marriage.
If you see the last of the three traditions of marriage, there is a similarity that is somehow or anywhere else, marriage is a sacred procession and closely associated with religious and cultural traditions of a particular area.

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